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July Favourites

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First of all i would like to introduce some body spray’s, yes, we all use it well, hopefully!…

Most of the body sprays i use are from “hollister”, as you can see, I’m slightly obsessed with hollister, but, theres one
that isn’t from “hollister” and its from the brand “Soap&Glory”. The body spray i like the most is probably the second in from the left hand side.
which is this one

I think this a great refreshing smell especially for the upcoming summer! Also, its not so over powering that you’re chocking to death whilst spraying it over your body/clothes, but, on the other hand strong enough to be smelt when close enough.
The “Soap&Glory ” scent (the first bottle on the right hand side of the picture) is quite similar to the “hollister special addition scent” (pink hollister bottle third in from the left) Its got a slight fruity smell to it! which is nice, however, can get a little sickening personally if worn too frequently.
The “Socal” hollister body spray (first on the left) Is the original smell of hollister! it smells exactly like the shop! (and if you haven’t been in hollister before you should! it smells amazing, but, be aware, it is pretty dark in there!)
Finally, the last of the body sprays for this julys blog is… Hollister once again… “Beacon’s Beach” spray. Now, this is a hard smell to define and put into words, I guess, it kind of smells like lynx with a twist to it

Secondly, i would like to introduce you to my favourite facial make-up products.

All these products I use on an every day bases and these products are great for sensitive skin! Because, i have sensitive skin, at first i was worried that i might be allergic to these products, but, luckily i wasn’t! (but, please, if you do have sensitive skin ,or, are allergic to any make-up products, do a test patch of each product before using them on your face! now, i wouldn’t want you looking like a puffy puffer fish!)

I first of all use “Rimmel’s BB cream” which is a great first base for evening out your skin. Its a sort of cream, but, with a hint of colour to it! Its not too drastic like foundation can be. I would recommend this product to anyone who’s new to make-up ,because, its light and doesn’t show up too strong, also, it lasts quite along time, you only really need to use a pea size dot for each section of your face you’re applying it to. This product costs around £6.99 (in the UK) Click here to see Rimmels BB cream

Secondly, i apply “Maybelline dream matte mousse” Which is a perfect top cover over the “Rimme’s BB cream” I Believe it just gives a smooth finish look to your face. As you can tell, “Maybelline dream matte mousse” is a mousse which at first, i was un sure about, however, now, I’ve grown to like it! I’ve only recently brought this product and I love it already! This product is a little more on the expensive side its price is £7.65 To see Maybellines dream matte mousse click here

This concealer I absolutely love. Another great product from “Rimmel” I would describe this product like a concealer ,but, shaped as a lip stick, its easy just to pop into your bag when going out. If you’ve had a bad night sleep ,or, just got black circles under your eyes just dab a little bit of this concealer under your eyes and rub in and those circles that were under your eyes are gone! This concealers price is £4.49 Click here to find the Rimmels concealer

To finish off your look just use some of “Rimmel’s stay matte” powder, where you feel the need to. You don’t need to use the powder ,but, i prefer too, I use the “Body shop” brush to apply the powder. You can buy the powder from this link: Click here to see the Rimmel stay matte powder I believe the price is around about £3.99

I brought a little set of brushes from the body shop it was about £13.50 you can find them at this link: To find the body shop mini brushes please click on here

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